Furniture and Home Living – Made Easy!

Furniture and home living can be described as exciting, exhilarating, interesting, intimidating, wondrous, endless ideating, budgeting and the list goes on and on.  Yes, the minute you have or decide to upgrade / renovate your home and living space, it can bring on a whole mixed bag of options.


Why just upgrade or renovate, what happens when you move residence or relocate for that matter?  Well, this involves all of the above emotions mentioned above, if not more.

Let us not forget that doing up your house to make it a liveable, comfortable, cosy living space while at the same time ensuring practicality, functionality, beautiful yet sensible is no easy job. 

The entire process, apart from being time consuming, involves a lot of patience, research, thought to be put into it. 

Yes, the results are very often rewarding.  Exceptionally, of course things can go awry, wherein you realise your errors only after you have spent a good deal, or a particular piece of furniture, while being aesthetic to look at, appears to be a misfit in your home.

Different Homes Different Needs

This fact cannot be disputed that each home is unique in terms of the style, area or space, functionality etc.

These may be classified very generically as

·         Villas

·         Apartments

·         Row Houses

·         Studio Apartments.

Each of these styles requires different and varied styles of furniture and home design needs.  The one common logic here is larger the living space, greater are your requirements and vice versa. 

But what is also trending of late, is the conversion of smaller living spaces into larger ones, not by any kind of structural or civil changes -- by ensuring maximum utilisation of the space available.  Practically, not a single square foot is left untouched or unused.

With large scale urbanisation and rising living costs, affordability to bigger apartments or individual houses has come down drastically.

With the advancement of technology and the subsequent shrinking of the globe, movement of people from one place to another, be it inter-city; intra-city; inter-country; inter-continent seems to have become more of a norm than an exception.

Work and career commitments, require people to be flexible with regards to a change of home.  This, in turn requires you to design or make up your home more than once. 

In such a case, of course, since you Perceive the change to be only a temporary one, very often you may tend to pick a living space that is smaller than your home at your base city.  But that does not make you not want to design your furniture and home the way you wish to.  After all, your home is a true reflection of your as a person.

Also, in larger metro cities, rapid industrialisation and urbanisation has led to smaller (match-box) apartments being constructed. 

End result being, more and more individuals are trying to maximise their living space to bring it up to their design and liking, albeit smaller in size.

So, how do you go about doing this?

Making your smaller living space aesthetic and at the same time ensure maximum usage of space does involve creativity and thinking.  A few ways that you can try out:

·         Using Multifunctional Furniture

Surely, this is a tool that has been around for a while now.  But nevertheless, not one that can be discarded as an age-old idea.  After all, when space is a constraint, you need to try and get the most out of very little furniture.

It is wise, if you aim at procuring furniture that can multitask and yet appeal to the aesthetic sense. 

One classic example of this is furniture that can double up to offer storage.  This kind of storage generally come under beds; tables etc.  This kind of multi- functional furniture can do away with most of your storage issues or help in keeping clutter from being visible etc.

Like the popular style of storage under beds.  This permits storage of most of your linen or even the extra linen that you are more likely to pull out in the event of visitors spending a few days with you.

·         The Use of Technology

The use of technology in enhancing or increasing living space, you can say, has become more of a necessity than a luxury.  What with the ever increasing demand for homes due to increased levels of urbanisation, coupled with this, is the fact that costs have spiralled.  As the saying goes, invention is the mother of necessity.  

Affordability is a big issue.  Hence smaller sized homes of roughly around 300 sq. feet have to double or triple up to accommodate a living area, bedroom, and closet and or kitchen area.  Wondering how?  The answer here is using robotic furniture that is shape shifting. 

Several design houses are trying to churn out solutions.  Chief among them being Ori and Clei.  These have been instrumental in introducing the concept of modular changeable furniture that is affordable as well as pleasing to the eye. 

The entire designing, is based on the premise that a single unit can convert either a studio apartment or a single-bedroom apartment into a home living space with different rooms based on the what activity the occupant needs to perform at specific times of the day.  This kind of technology is said to combine aspects of architecture, design and robotics.

So, whether you own a smaller apartment or have rented one, it is no longer required to compromise on your needs just so that your home living gets functional.  This newly developed line of furniture while aiming to get the most out of smaller living spaces, effectively transforms your home living space into a multi-functional one that can cater to all your needs.

What does robotic furniture offer?

This revolutionary entrant into the furniture and home design market offers good looking solutions for your space problems.  You have a full-system (for a full sized bed) and a queen system (for a queen sized bed). 

Each of these systems offers a collection of adaptable storage space that can get converted to act as a bedroom, closet, office space depending on your need.  All this, at just a simple press of a button.  Yes, just one single press of a button and you can transform your living room into cosy bedroom or vice versa or even into your workspace in a matter of a few minutes. 

The use of robotic technology creates the illusion of a small home living space having more space than it does in reality. 

Definitely worth your time and money!

Furniture Rentals

Another option in the horizon these days is that of renting out furniture.  The practice of renting out furniture suitable to your needs while adapting to the space constraints seems to have caught on in a big way at least among the younger generation as well as people who hold jobs that require them to be mobile. 

This enables you to pick only the furniture that you will need at any point of time without having to pile up and further reduce living space.  Also, gives you the benefit of being able to change the look of your living home from time to time easily and at much lower costs.  Interesting!